Advisory Board

The Advisory Board consists of individuals representing diverse areas of higher education, particularly those that influence the role and function of CAS. This body exists to provide insight into the issues that influence the CAS priorities and strategic direction, development of CAS related products, most notably our standards, as well as how the consortium should be engaged in the broad and diverse fields of higher education.

1.   Meet virtually two-three times a year for approximately 60-90 minutes each meeting to discuss issues influencing CAS and its position in higher education. These meetings typically are with the President and others as determined necessary.
2.   Provide feedback and direction to CAS on matters including its overall operations and strategic objectives.
3.   Review and provide feedback on materials as requested by the CAS President and Governing Board.

Advisory Board Members
Advisory Board members serve two-year terms with potential for renewal.
Current members are:

Charlene Dukes
Term 2019-2021
President, Prince George’s Community College (Bio)

Amber Garrison Duncan
Term 2019-2021
Strategy Director, Lumina Foundation (Bio)

Rich Keeling
Term 2019-2021
Chairman and Senior Executive Consultant, Keeling & Associates, LLC (Bio)

Jillian Kinzie
Term 2019-2021
Associate Director, Center for Postsecondary Research and the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) Institute (Bio)

Kathy Guthrie
Term 2022-2024
Associate Professor, Florida State University (Bio)

Nicole Long
Term 2019-2021
Executive Director, Planning and Strategy, University of Delaware (Bio)

Adam Peck
Term 2019-2021
Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students, Stephen F. Austin University (Bio)

Tom Jackson
Term 2020-2022
President, Humboldt State University (Bio)

Raechelle Pope
Term 2020-2022
Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy, University at Buffalo Graduate School of Education (Bio)

Dallin George Young
Term 2020-2022
Assistant Director for Research, Grants, and Assessment at the National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition (Bio)

Public Directors


Karen J. Solomon

Term 2019-2021
Higher Learning Commission, Vice President for Accreditation Relations and Director of the Standard Pathway (Bio)

Gianina Baker
Term 2021-2023
Acting Director, NILOA (Bio)


Natasha Jankowski
Term 2019-2021
Higher Education and Assessment Consultant (Bio)