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Subscriber Application   
Welcome to the CAS Subscription Registration page. Please complete the following information to create an account. Please write down the username and password you create - this login information you will allow you to access CAS products and resources upon payment.

The CAS annual subscription includes:

For users looking for complete access to the CAS standards, resources, and tools, a subscription provides the greatest level access to CAS. It includes access to
- one (1) hardcopy edition of CAS Professional Standards for Higher Education (10th edition)
- updated functional area standards for each of the CAS functional areas
- updated Self-Assessment Guides for each of the CAS functional areas (which will include at least five SAGs that are updated during each year of subscription
- access to all of the CAS Cross-Functional Frameworks
- the Multifunctional Review Guide
- Do-It-Yourself CAS Self-Study Guide

And all other CAS resources, including those published during subscription year.

The value of purchasing each of these items separately is over $3300. Users can purchase an annual subscription for $899 and will receive updates throughout the year as CAS develops new products and resources.
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