CAS "Blue Book" 11th Version Coming Soon

Sale of the CAS Professional Standards for Higher Education has paused in preparation for the 11th version (digital-only) of the resource to be released in the spring of 2023.
The Council is hard at work updating the iconic CAS “Blue Book.” In December, the sale of the 10th edition concluded in anticipation of the release of the 11th version (digital-only) of this essential resource. The 11th version of the CAS Professional Standards for Higher Education will be released later this year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out this list of frequently asked questions, or reach out to us at

  • Will the 10th edition become obsolete when the 11th version is released? Nope! We are happy to report that your 10th edition copies will maintain significant utility for educational and assessment purposes.
  • Will the 11th version be available in hardcopy format? In order to maximize accessibility to this essential resource, CAS will not be selling the 11th version in hardcopy format. If a hardcopy format is important to your institution, we encourage you to buy the 10th edition while it is still available, or take your digital copy of the 11th version to a local printer for a quick and economical printed version.
  • What updates can we expect in the 11th version? The 11th version of the CAS Professional Standards for Higher Education is presented in interactive, e-book format with significant aesthetic enhancements, clickable hyperlinks, and printability, along with updates to all functional area standards and self-assessment guides that have been revised or released since the 10th edition's publication. This version also includes CAS's hallmark Self-Assessment Guides in a new, interactive PDF format with significantly revised, user-friendly directions.
  • When will the 11th version be released? We're expecting the 11th version to launch in spring of 2023, prior to some big events in the student affairs community. Be sure to keep an eye on CAS emails and social media for updates!