Welcome Christine Self to CAS Governing Board

Joining the CAS Governing Board is Dr. Christine Self, who will serve as the Member-at-Large for User Experience.

CAS is pleased to welcome Dr. Christine Self to the Governing Board. She will serve as the new Member-at-Large for User Experience. 


User experience (UX) focuses on meeting the needs of the users of a product or platform, including their needs, values, abilities, and limitations. Additionally, UX factors in the goals and objectives of the organization or business. The intention of user experience is to improve the quality of the consumer's interaction with and perception of the organization's product.


Christine Self has worked in parent and family programs for over 20 years. She serves as the Director of Parent & Family Relations at Texas Tech University, where she received her Ph.D. in Higher Education Research. Christine has served on the CAS Council as the Representative for Family Engagement in Higher Education (AHEPPP) since 2019. 


“I am thrilled to be joining the Governing Board of CAS. In this role, I hope to help associations and users better understand the benefits that CAS standards and products can bring to their Institutions,” says Dr. Self of her new position with CAS. 


We are excited to have Dr. Self join the Governing Board to expand the reach of CAS in order to benefit more institutions and students!