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Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education. (2023). CAS professional standards for higher education (Version 11). Author.

The standards and guidelines published in CAS Professional Standards for Higher Education by the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) and referred to in each of the “CAS Self-Assessment Guides” (SAGs) are developed through the voluntary efforts of leaders of professional associations in higher education. The purpose of the standards and guidelines is to identify criteria and principles by which institutions may choose to assess and enhance various areas of their academic, administrative, or student affairs programs and services. CAS specifically disclaims any liability or responsibility for any perceived or actual shortcomings inherent in the text or application of the standards. Further, CAS does not certify individuals nor accredit programs. No institution, whether it has met some or all of the CAS standards, is authorized to indicate that it is approved, endorsed, certified, or otherwise sanctioned by CAS. Institutions that have conducted a self-assessment of one or more functional areas addressed by CAS Standards and Guidelines using the appropriate CAS Self-Assessment Guide (SAG), where that self-assessment provides evidence that an institution meets these standards, are free to make accurate representations to the effect that the designated program or service meets the CAS standards for [insert Functional Area Standards title(s)].

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