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Applying Professional Standards
CAS Standards: Access and Equity
Credentialing the Student Affairs Professional: Another Point of View
Examining the Design and Delivery of Collegiate Leadership Development Programs: Findings from the Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership - Institutional Survey (MSL-IS)
Learning Outcomes in Academic Disciplines: Identifying Common Ground
Promoting Integrity through Standards of Practice
Promoting Quality in Higher Education
Research Needed on the Use of CAS Standards & Guidelines
The Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education and the Role of Standards in Professional Practice
The Council for the Advancement of Standards Turns 25
Using CAS Standards to Measure Learning Outcomes of Student Affairs Preparation Programs
2008 Ted K. Miller Award Winner: Texas Tech University Division of Student Affairs (2008)
An Introduction to the CAS Approach to Quality Assurance in Educational Programs & Activities (2001)
Applying CAS Standards to Create Fraternity and Sorority Advising Program Outcomes (2009)
Best Practices Using CAS (2009)
Building a Culture of Assessment in Student Affairs (2016)
CAS Advising Standards Resources in the NACADA Clearinghouse
CAS Bibliography
CAS Collaboration (Google Drive)
CAS Handout
CAS Overview (ACPA 2016)
CAS Overview (ACPA 2016)
CAS Overview (NASPA 2016)
CAS's New Learning Domains: Using Them in Your Assessment Work (2010)
Council for the Advancement of Standards Basics (2015)
Council for the Advancement of Standards Basics (August 2015)
Do It Yourself CAS Assessment (2016)
Engaging and Training Staff to Conduct Assessment (2009)
Interpreting the CAS Standards for Academic Advising (2012)
Master's-Level Student Affairs Professional Preparation Programs Standards and Guidelines
Navigating the Mystery & Stress of a CAS Self-Assessment & Program Review (2017)
Organizing Assessment to Foster Students' Best Work (2009)
Overview of CAS
Reflections on the Outcomes & Assessment: Applying the CAS Process (2006)
Stories from the Field (2009)
The VCU Self Study Analysis & Report (2010)
Using Assessment to Improve the Quality of Education (2007)
Using CAS for Program Review
Using CAS Standards to Navigate a New Chapter (2016)
Using the CAS Learning & Development Outcomes to Foster Student Development (2016)
Using the CAS Review to Steer Strategic Planning (2014)
Using the CAS Standards for Continuous Improvement at Arkansas State University - Beebe (2013)
Using the CAS Standards in the Job Search (2014)
Video: Using the CAS Standards, NACADA Core Values, and NACADA Concept of Academic Advising to Assess your Academic Advising Program (2009)
Writing Learning Outcomes (2009)
Approaches to Assessing LOs
Building Bridges between the CAS Standards and Program Evaluation (2017)
CAS Faculty Tip Sheet
CAS Powerpoint Template
Program Review Process
Sample CAS Report
Self-Assessment Guide for Master's-Level Student Affairs Professional Preparation Programs
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