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[Webinar] Using CAS To Guide ePortfolios
In 2019, the faculty at Sam Houston State University replaced a comprehensive exam requirement with a student portfolio. This webinar shares background on how the portfolio was developed using the CAS Standards for Master’s Programs, the process the faculty used to evaluate student artifacts and reflections, and what the faculty have learned after the first round of portfolio submissions. A recent graduate of the program also shares her experiences using the portfolio.

CAS Bibliography
A list of peer-reviewed journal articles and other publications that pertain to working with CAS Standards, learning outcomes, guidelines, and tools.

CAS Handout
Learn the basics about CAS, including what associations are part of the consortium and which functional areas have CAS Standards. This two-page handout is ideal for providing to students or new professionals learning about CAS. (Revised June 2016)

CAS's New Learning Domains: Using Them in Your Assessment Work (2010)
Presented by: Patricia Carretta & Annemieke Rice
This presentation is an introduction and example of use of the CAS learning domains in assessment of services and programs.

Using the CAS Standards in the Job Search (2014)
CAS intern Ben Wentworth presented at ACPA 2014 on ways that graduate students and new professionals might use the CAS Standards in their job search process. From preparing one's materials and evaluating possible interests to developing interview questions and assessing fit to a position, Wentworth's insights illustrate several creative methods for employing CAS.

Writing Learning Outcomes (2009)
Presented by: Karen Kurotsuchi Inkelas
This presentation discusses research on student learning outcomes, measuring said outcomes, and judging the quality of data regarding student learning.