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CAS Faculty Tip Sheet
The CAS Faculty Tip Sheet provides guidance, tips, additional resources, and suggestions for graduate faculty on how to use CAS standards and resources in the training of future student affairs professionals.
CAS_Faculty_Tip_Sheet.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Program Review Process
This sample process/model, developed by CAS President-Elect Deb Garrett, is a visual representation of how one might approach conducting a CAS review.
Program Review Model_CAS.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Sample CAS Report
Adapted from reports used by a division of Student Affairs, this template provides a basic structure for completing a final report on one's self-assessment.
CAS Final Report Template_Sample.doc [DOWNLOAD]

Self-Assessment Guide for Master's-Level Student Affairs Professional Preparation Programs
Revised in 2013, the CAS Master's-Level Student Affairs Professional Preparation Programs Standards and Guidelines are available as a self-assessment tool. The file includes the contextual statement pertaining to these Master's-Level Student Affairs Professional Preparation Programs, providing historical insight and perspective into the standards.
**Available, for a limited time only, as a free resource for our graduate faculty colleagues.
Masters-Level Student Affairs Prep Programs SAG.docx [DOWNLOAD]