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Applying CAS Standards to Create Fraternity and Sorority Advising Program Outcomes (2009)
Presented by: Daniel Bureau
This presentation discusses the use of CAS Standards and Guidelines for Fraternity and Sorority Advising Programs in the development of student learning outcomes.

Best Practices Using CAS (2009)
Presented by Robert A. Bonfiglio, Lisa Nagy, Jan Hillman, Doreen M. Tobin, Jan T. Childress, & Ralph Johnson
This presentation is a collection of best practices of using the CAS Standards & Guidelines at a number of institutions and in a number of division, department, and other settings.

CAS's New Learning Domains: Using Them in Your Assessment Work (2010)
Presented by: Patricia Carretta & Annemieke Rice
This presentation is an introduction and example of use of the CAS learning domains in assessment of services and programs.

Organizing Assessment to Foster Students' Best Work (2009)
Presented by: Carol Geary Schneider
This presentation explores how higher education is changing to fit the needs of 21st century college students. This includes: cumulative progress in student learning, evolving learning outcomes, and common approaches to assessment of learning.

Using Assessment to Improve the Quality of Education (2007)
Presented by: Jan Arminio
This presentation explores what assessment is as well as how it arises in various forms in higher education and can be enhanced by use of the CAS Standards & Guidelines. It also includes a number of basic tips for a successful self-assessment.

Using the CAS Learning & Development Outcomes to Foster Student Development (2016)
Presented by: Tim Gordon, Annemieke Rice, and Marybeth Drechsler Sharp
This presentation will introduce users to the CAS learning domains and provide a useful framework for developing divisional learning goals and learning outcomes for programs and services.

Writing Learning Outcomes (2009)
Presented by: Karen Kurotsuchi Inkelas
This presentation discusses research on student learning outcomes, measuring said outcomes, and judging the quality of data regarding student learning.