Custom Multi-Functional Area Self-Assessment Guide

 Custom Multi-Functional Area Self-Assessment Guide
To support users undertaking a Multi-Functional Area (MFA) program review, CAS offers an additional Custom MFA Self-Assessment Guide development service.

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CAS Self-Assessment Guides (SAG) are tools for program review based on individual functional area standards (e.g., Academic Advising Programs, Career Services, Orientation Programs). Some institutions have found added value when combining or integrating components of individual functional areas to create a single office, department, or center with a broader and more inclusive set of responsibilities. To conduct a program review in units with multiple, integrated functional area responsibilities, CAS has developed a new publication: Implementing a Program Review of a Multi-Functional Area (MFA). The MFA document provides a detailed outline of various strategies, approaches, and philosophies an institution may take when undergoing a MFA program review.

Although many CAS users will appreciate the opportunity to develop a tool specific to their campus' needs, some may be limited by the amount of administrative support and preparatory work that is required to aggregate multiple sets of CAS standards into one MFA Self-Assessment Guide. To support users undertaking a MFA Review, CAS offers an additional Custom MFA Self-Assessment Guide development service. For those who seek this additional level of support and customization, CAS staff will:
- Work with the user to identify relevant functional area standards to include in the Custom MFA Self-Assessment Guide.
- Consult with the user to learn the purpose of the MFA review, select a desired approach for the MFA Self-Assessment Guide, and determine what additional specifications may be needed.
- Develop a Custom MFA Self-Assessment Guide, identifying standards specific to each functional area and aggregating them to create an integrated review tool for the MFA.
- Deliver a final product, to include: the integrated MFA review tool with criterion measure statements, suggested evidence, and follow-up discussion questions; the MFA Self-Assessment organization and process guide; work forms to assist the review team through the MFA review process; and CAS Contextual Statements and Standards for each individual functional area included in the MFA Review.

The base price for a Custom MFA Self-Assessment Guide is $350, which includes combining up to 3 SAGs and a 30-minute intake consultation. Additional functional area standards may be integrated into the Custom MFA SAG for $50 fee each.

To request Custom MFA Self-Assessment Guide development services, download and complete the form at and return it to Following the initial consultation with the developer, the estimated development and delivery time for a Custom MFA Self-Assessment Guide is 10 business days.