Campus Labs-CAS Program Review

 Campus Labs-CAS Program Review
The Campus Labs partnership with the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) provides the resources for a more holistic program review process. With the addition of the Campus Labs Program Review tools to the already invaluable CAS materials, you’ll be able to coordinate a meaningful and informative process that is dynamic and moves your assessment practice forward.

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Campus Labs Program Review includes:
- The entire library of CAS standards and self-assessment guides is built right into one system, where an unlimited number of users can access them. New and updated standards are made available the moment they are released by CAS.
- Choose the applicable set of standards and assign them to the appropriate department or office. Incorporate additional fields for institution-specific assessment processes.
- Organize, track, and review everything through a central online location. You’ll have the reassurance that comes with a consistent process, but still benefit from the flexibility of immediate access.
- Manage workflows with ease and clarity by customizing templates, leveraging annual assessment and planning efforts, and identifying areas for improvement.
- Build upon your existing processes by making the most of the data you already have. In addition to our user-friendly management tools, you’ll be able to link your assessment data and connect it back to your program review.
- Access the CAS Do-It-Yourself Guide and work directly with a Campus Labs Assessment Consultant for expert assistance launching a program review process and assessment culture.