Ted K. Miller Award

The Ted K. Miller Achievement of Excellence Award was established to be given to an individual, higher education institution, or professional association in recognition of outstanding accomplishments in advancing standards of practice and quality assurance in educational programs and services in higher education.

The Ted K. Miller Achievement of Excellence Award is named in honor of Ted Miller, CAS’s first president from 1979-1989, a professor emeritus of the University of Georgia, and the CAS publications editor until his retirement in 2004.

After several years of nationally awarding the Ted K. Miller Award for the use of CAS standards in assessing student learning and development, the CAS Board of Directors has changed it from a national award to an association-based award, providing our member associations with an opportunity to directly make an award for their membership – either to an individual or to a unit of a college or university. Be sure you check with your professional organization to find out if you can apply for this award through their processes!

The Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) is a consortium of more than 40 professional associations in higher education. Founded in 1979, CAS develops and disseminates standards of practice and related materials for the purpose of fostering student learning and development through enhancing the quality of programs and services.

Recent Miller Award Recipient:

At the University of Arizona's THINK TANK, CAS is a core part of its strategic planning process. This learning assistance center was recognized by CAS member association CRLA (the College Reading and Learning Association) as a 2014 Ted K. Miller Award winner.

According to THINK TANK Director Dorothy Briggs, "The CAS standards have always been a touchstone for the Think Tank, and the reviewing and assessment of our programs based on them is an on-going, integral part of our existence. The self-awareness that consideration and application of these standards affords us is invaluable, and we look forward to where our culture of critical reflection will take us." Learn more about the THINK TANK's good work at or check out their CAS presentation here