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Founded in 1979, the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) is the pre-eminent force for promoting standards in student affairs, student services, and student development programs. CAS creates and delivers dynamic, credible standards, guidelines, and Self-Assessment Guides that are designed to lead to a host of quality programs and services. CAS aims to foster and enhance student learning, development, and achievement.

CAS Standards respond to student needs, the requirements of sound pedagogy, and the effective management of 48 functional areas and 3 cross-functional areas. Individuals and institutions from over 40 CAS member organizations comprise a constituency of over 115,000 professionals. Representing a significant majority of higher education practitioners in student programs and services throughout the country and beyond, CAS provides tools to higher education leaders assessing institutional effectiveness, student learning, and outcomes.

News and Notes

Dear Colleagues,

Our Governing Board stands with all of those impacted by the verdict rendered yesterday, a culmination of ten months of pain and suffering. We keep all who have dedicated themselves to fighting racism and injustice, especially educators of color, in the forefront of our thoughts.

While the weight of this incident has been partially lifted through proper accountability, there is still the pursuit of justice as too many lives have been lost to violence against people of color and other marginalized identities. Sadly, as evidenced by the shooting of 16 year-old Makiah Bryant in Columbus, close in timing to the verdict, there is more we must do. 

We reiterate and reaffirm our commitment to work with our 42 member associations to address racial injustice and look forward to continued partnerships to do so. We also stand committed to actively backing efforts to enact policy change. Please let us know how we may support your respective association efforts to eradicate racism and promote justice. 



The CAS Governing Board
Dan Bureau, PhD
Council for the Advancement of Standards

2nd Edition FALDO Availabe Now
Also available as a packaged set with the10th Edition CAS Standards. Click Here

CAS Welcomes Gianina Baker to the Advisory Board! Read more here.

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March 3 & 4, 2021
11:30 – 2:30pm ET

Conducting a Program Review Using the CAS Standards
Dan Bureau, University of Memphis, President CAS
Gavin Henning, New England College, CAS Council
Ray Plaza, Santa Clara University, CAS Council
Martha Glass, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, CAS Council

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March 22, 2021
3:00 – 3:50pm ET

Using Diverse Data Sources to Support Your CAS Program Review
Dan Bureau, University of Memphis, CAS President
Kristen Vickery, Anne Arundel Community College, CAS Governing Board
Matt Venaas, Skyfactor, Research Manager
March 24, 2021
11:00 – 11:50am ET
Using CAS Standards to Evaluate Program Effectiveness and Student Learning
Dan Bureau, University of Memphis, President CAS
Ralph Johnson, Washington Adventist University, Incoming CAS President
Laura Osteen, Tulane University, CAS Council
Kristen Vickery, Anne Arundel Community College, CAS Governing Board
Jennifer Wells, Kennesaw State University, CAS Editor

FSAP and IAS Standards Published:
Fraternity and Sorority Advising Programs - Press Release
Indigenous Student Affairs - Press Release

January 2021 - CAS Message of Care for Professionals Addressing World Events

Click Here for message from Dan Bureau
October 2020 Assessment Institute Video -
"Using Program Theory & Implementation to Aid in Interpreting Outcomes Assessment Data"
Presenter: Sara Finney, Ph.D., Professor Graduation Psychology; Associate Director Center for Assessment & Research Studies, James Madison University
Press Release:
CAS Announces Inaugural Member at Large for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Governing Board position and Devan Ford-McCartney as the newly elected Member at Large for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion board member.
CAS Standards: Implications for Student Affairs Administrators at HBCUs" is now published in the CAS store
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Revised Standards Released for College Unions: Programs, Services, and Community Center
(September 2020) Click Here for more

CAS Announces NEW Phone Number (August 2020) CAS has updated their phone number to a toll free number. Please note the change in your contact lists. New Number: 800-889-7270
CAS and Skyfactor Webinar - August 25 at 2pm ET
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CAS Announces Two New Members to join the CAS Council (August 2020)
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Resource Released for Implementing CAS in Learning Assistance Programs (July 2020)
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Resource Released for Using the CAS Standards for Regional Accreditation (July 2020)
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Statement on CAS Council of Representatives (July 2020)
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CAS Collaborates with ACHA and ACE (July 2020)
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Messages from CAS President and Governing Board
(June 2020) Message to the CAS user community about recent acts of racism, injustice, and brutality

(March 2020) Message to the CAS user community with information about resources available in response to the disruption caused by COVID-19

CAS Releases Revised Sets of Standards for 4 Functional Areas
 (January 2020)
CAS is excited to announce the release of four revised sets of standards:
- Campus Police and Public Safety
- Counseling Services
- Leadership Education and Development

- Registrar Services
- Master's Level Higher Education and Student Affairs Professional Preparation Programs

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Did You Know?

In 1979, CAS was established as a consortium - meaning we formed an alliance - of professional associations in higher education. Among the primary goals, member associations were determined to focus on shared values across the field. Consequently, the objectives of CAS are highly focused on professional standards and assessment of practice, which enables members to collaborate around this designated purpose and the processes used to accomplish its mission. Working together for the best interests of the field is in our fabric!