CAS Introduces Standards for Testing Programs and Services

New standards are released to support the functional area of Testing Programs and Services (TPS).
CAS Introduces Standards for Testing Programs and Services
The Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) has released revised standards to provide direction for testing programs and services (TPS). CAS, composed of 41 collaborating professional associations representing over 115,000 professionals in higher education, has developed standards and guidelines for 45 functional areas, and rooted them in the scholarship and work conducted within their respective fields. The new standards delineate expectations for educators in the related functional areas and will be housed in the tenth edition of the CAS Professional Standards for Higher Education.

Kristen Vickery, Director of Testing and Assessment Services at Anne Arundel Community College, served as the CAS Council member and functional area expert for the new TPS standards. She shares, “testing has gone through significant changes in the past five to ten years with the rise of web-based, internet-based, and certification examinations. This culminates in an increase in hardware and software knowledge. Additionally, integrity and security of exam delivery is always a concern.” With these changes, Vickery notes that the new TPS standards “will help support program requirements for students and institutions.”

Ralph Johnson, CAS Executive Committee Member and Chair of the TPS Standards Committee, highlights the fact that the TPS standards “have the National College Testing Association (NCTA) standards embedded in them, providing a comprehensive backdrop for the testing professional.” CAS is excited to announce the release of these new, comprehensive standards. The revised Testing Programs and Services standards are now available at

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